What We Did

Elementary Schools

Mr. and Mrs. Fish came to 1000’s of schools and performed highly educational, hour long assembly programs for the entire school.

Costuming themselves as a variety of sea creatures, Mr. and Mrs. Fish humorously acted out life as it is in the sea. Audiences roared with laughter while gaining a wealth of ocean science learning.

Following the morning assembly program, schools often elected to have Mr. and Mrs. Fish spend the rest of the day in the school visiting classrooms for follow-up presentations.

Whether you chose just the assembly program, or the assembly and the classroom follow-ups, an “Ocean Day” visit from Mr. and Mrs. Fish was a fantastic complement to your school’s science curriculum.

Elementary schools and families were Mr. and Mrs. Fishes’ primary target audiences, although programs were often adapted to any age level.

Mr. and Mrs. Fish are no longer coming to schools as they have now fully retired.
If they ever came to your school, it was likely a fun educational experience.

Museums & Aquariums

Mr. and Mrs. Fish performed in most of the aquariums in the United States as well as many aquariums and museums around the world.

Their work inspired countless fellow educators to add a variety of fun creative dramatic techniques and ideas to their own work.

Fish Camp

Fish Camp Is No More!

It has been a wonderful gift to children all these years!

Fish Camp Photo Gallery

Mr. & Mrs. Fish at Elementary Schools